Things to Do

Port Navas is lovely. It’s out of the way whilst being close to everything.

It’s a great place to chill out with a morning dip off the quay, or sit in the front garden with a coffee and a good book.

Feeling fit? Pack a picnic and Kayak to Frenchman’s creek, or paddleboard to the pub!

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Welcome to

Port Navas


About 15 minutes after you’ve arrived, checked your email and cooed about how lovely everything is, you’re going to start thinking about where your next meal is coming from.


If you want to get all Nigella on yourself, then the cottage has all the pots and pans and dishes, and Lobster crushing claw things you’ll ever need and an Aga to cook it on to boot!


Or just grab a pot noodle. 


But really... all that effort… forks, boiling water, stirring…


Sod it, let’s go out!


The nearest place for some lovely grub is the Yacht Club, which is literally out of the door, turn left and walk along the quayside. It’s not all yachtie and you don’t have to wear yellow wellies!


The Trengilly is your solid local pub bet for lunches, dinner and a decent pint. It’s a 5 minute drive away. You’ll love it.



But for the full-on Helford experience, head on down to the ‘Ferryboat’ for a meal, or get the actual Ferry across to Helford Village and the ‘Shipwrights’ on the other side of the river.



And… Not forgetting the fish & chip van, in Gweek on the village green, on Wednesday evenings. Great food and great banter! You could combine with a trip to the Seal Sanctuary maybe?



Other things



You’re in Cornwall.


There are brilliant beaches everywhere. 


Head west to the Lizard, Porthleven, Praa sands, St. Michaels Mount. Or go mad and take a day trip to the Isles of Scilly!


To the East, Falmouth is 20 minutes away. More lovely restaurants, pubs, beaches and the National Maritime museum. Get a pleasure boat trip around Falmouth Bay, and up the Helford. You could dive off, and swim home as it goes right past Port Navas creek. (Don’t do this)


If that’s just too much effort then just pop to the Ferryboat Inn (See above), which has a beach at the front. You’re not going to be able to do any cool dude surfing there, but if you’ve got little kids or like making sandcastles, then Bob’s your Uncle. They also hire boats and paddle boards if you fancy a spin about the river under your own steam.



Port Navas is lovely, it’s out of the way whilst being close to everything.


Of course, if all this outdoorsy stuff is making you sleepy then you could just pop up to the ‘Captain’s Cabin’ on the rear terrace, with Pasty and a pint, and have a little doze. Crakin!


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Lucy & Kurt (Owners)


Helford Passage

Ferry Boat Inn