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View from Port Navas slipway

Seasons greetings from Port Navas.

Decided to walk down the slip and take a snap of the boats this morning.

Quite a few people about, doing post Boxing day doggie walks with family.

High tide at port navas. View from the public slipway towards the yacht clup
A swan's eye view of Port Navas creek

Must admit, it looked a bit chilly out on the water.

More of a snuggle up by the fire kind of day, than a paddle board and pop one.

Did a '180' and took a pic of the cottage, from the water's edge.

(Back a bit, back a bit.. ha! - I did have the 'what if I slip over' moment).

Navas Nook holiday cottage view from the bottom of the public slipway in Port Navas
A wintery scene (27th Dec 2021) looking up the public slipway, from the creek.

Here's to 2022 and the Spring!


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