• Kurt

Break your arm

Super duper low tide in the creek this week.

When the tide is low a little wiggly water way is visible, in the mud. This is carved out from the stream that runs down through Port Navas village, and exits near the public slipway.

Not enough to float the boat, but enough for the Swans to navigate.

The swans are always about. Not sure if they patrol all of the Helford, up to Gweek, or stay local.

two swans swimming up port navas creek on the helford river near falmouth
The Swans patrol

Also of note is the green weed, on the mud. I'm presuming the warm water, coupled with the summer sun has caused this. Think the swans will have to wait for the tide to come in a little, before munching on this.

And, yes, the side of my boat could do with a scrub!

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