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Port Navas public slipway

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

I love the Public slip in Port Navas.

Throughout the summer there are always people launching dinghies, paddle boards & Kayaks from there.

This week our guests at Navas Nook have brought their boat down for a bit of creek crawling, around the Helford.

Port navas public slipway and a dinghy at navas nook hoilday cottage
Port navas public slip

Here she is for the week, on the visitors pontoon at Port Navas Yacht Club.

Sailing dinghy and boats on the pontoons at port navas yacht club
Our guests sailing dinghy at port navas yacht club

If you'd like to bring a dinghy down to the cottage, then please let us know. The dinghy here is 15', so you can gauge the space available. I'd say 18' is probably the biggest boat that will fit in the parking space.

If you'd like to keep it at Port Navas Yacht Club then you'll need to contact them, ahead of time; their website is to see if you can reserve space on the pontoon or swinging moorings.

Happy sailing!

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