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Jack Russell on the Helford

Just a nip of autumn in the air today as I went for a little evening trip around the river, in our little Orkney spinner 13, with my wife Lucy, and our camera shy Jack Russell, Jake.

Very calm though. Been watching a Youtube sailing channel recently, and the chap refers to it being 'Bin Bags' when the sea is so glassy smooth.

We went looking for Phosphorescence, which we were told was happening.

Phosphorescence, for those who don't know, is when the sea 'comes alive' with the glow of millions of tiny organisms. If you swish your hand in the water, or make any kind of disturbance, it can be amazing.

Jack Russell on a boat on the Helford River
Bin Bags!

By the time we came back it was pitch black. We crept up the creek, avoiding mooring buoys and boats.

Then some spooky kayakers, gently paddling in the dark, called out to us and we had a mid creek chat. It turned out to be some of the people staying at Navas Nook!

Then home for a cheeky cider and some food. Simple pleasures.

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