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Springtime in Port Navas creek

What a gorgeous morning.

After dropping youngest son to the bus stop, for school, I decided to pop to Port Navas and launch our little dinghy back into the creek for the start of the season.

Not a breath of wind, gorgeous sunshine, and not a soul about. Just the swans serenely drifting about the high tide mark, without a care in the world.

View of Port Navas creek with empty moorings
Empty moorings at Port Navas

So after putting the ropes between the buoys for our bigger boat, a MK1 Cornish Crabber, I paddled back to the pontoon to moor up the dinghy on its little spot.

(If you look closely at the top middle of the photo below, you can just make out the Swans by the slipway, just below Navas Nook).

Orkney spinner 13 dinghy at Port Navas creek
Dinghy spruced up and ready for the summer

As I was fettling about I did noticed that the current guests at the cottage had their bedroom windows and curtains wide open, enjoying a lazy sunny morning.

Met a couple walking their dog, on the walk back. A cheery "Hello" and remarks on the weather.

All lovely and perfect.

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